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When I told everyone I was going to make Over 100k a year
as a Full-Time Professional Speaker and Info-prenuer
they laughed at Me
Until they saw all the MONEY rolling in.

Starting and Building a Profitable Speaking Business is possible when you have the right Mindset-Sequence and Systems.

Johnny Campbell, DTM, Accredited Speaker

The Transition Man

Dear: Professional Speaker

Making money as a professional speaker does NOT have to be difficult. In fact, if you ever get the feeling that the business youre getting involved in is hard or confusing, then thats a sure sign that something is terribly wrong. Let me explain

I've been in the business of speaking since 1999. I've seen it all when it comes to the speaking business, and I know what works and what doesn't.

I have question for you?
Do you ever feel like most of the stuff out there on speaking is leaving out or not addressing the most obvious and important issue to the success of a professional Speaker.. and that is.. How do I Make Money NOW?

Keeping that in mind; when it comes to Making Big Money as a Professional Speaker,

You must learn:

1. How to avoid the typical money making mistake most speakers make.

2. How to identify Money making markets.

3. How to cold call for CASH!! Getting people to call you back.

4. How to produce money making products once and get paid 5 times.

5. How to market online for cash, bookings and fame

6. How to market your services on a budget as low as $50.00.

7. How to find hot niches and buyers, who are begging for your services.

8. How to brand for success and increase your celebrity status.

After investing in countless speaker courses, I have come to the realization that if a speaking course does not address every single one of these extremely important issues there is something wrong with that course..

But why am I telling you all this?

It's because I know I can show you How to make Money as professional Speaker


Unlike most people who entered the professional speaking industry with leads, referrals and opportunities to speak. I started my businesswith NO Leads, No Referrals, No opportunities and it was a Down Economy. So how did I start?

I cold called, Networked and I learned some serious marketing techniques for bringing in real cash and high fee paying bookings. must understand in my first 2 years using the traditional speaking information and courses I only made 20k as a professional speaker. However, once I learned and perfected these money making marketing strategies I went over 100k in my 3rd year and its just getting better.

Based on my research and experience I can NOW teach anyone How to become a professional speaker and make some real MONEY

After investing in The 21st Century Speaker course, I have been able to go from a No-Fee speaker to a highly paid professional speaker in less than one year. Johnnys program provides a step by step approach for any aspiring speaker and veteran speakers alike to make money.

Steve Van De Walle
Believe It Baby! LLC
Creator of the Reading System
that teaches babies how to read!

So whats holding you back?

For most speakers they have their message and they are excited about the prospect of making money as a professional speaker
, but they freeze up or procrastinate when it comes to taking action due to their fear of making costly mistakes? Well fear Not, Ive made all the mistakes and Now you can benefit from experiences and my up to date research in this course.

So take that next step...and

Let Johnny The Transition Man Campbell Show you the Money with my 21st century speaker course. Includes 6 downloadable MP3s, a 32 page Action Guide and a FREE 30min. public speaker training session. Your investment $247.00


Johnny, Thank you so much for the information on being a professional Speaker it really helped me understand what it takes to be successful in this business. Some of the key points that I got out of the information was: 1.How to write books and create CDs for high profit 2. How to give sales pitches to clients. 3. How to set my speaking fees 4. How to locate hot markets. 5. How get to the decision maker and book a keynote. 6. How to create low-cost high quality brochures

Bill Harnen
Stress Management Specialist
Understanding Solutions

I am here for You.
  Let Business strategies and author Johnny The Transition Man Campbell shows you how to break through your perceived limitations and earn big money in your Speaking business. My Practical and simple approach to building wealth as a speaker will not only empower you to take action but, will also give you a roadmap for a successful life as a speaker. In my 21st century course, I will reveal the best-kept Money-Making Marketing strategies for building wealth and for creating residual income.

My personal guarantee makes it completely risk-free when you order:
The 21st century speaker course

I stand firm stand behind this course and I firmly believe you can make money using this course and because I am so confident in what this course will do I am offering a full, iron-clad, 60-day money back guarantee to back up what Im saying. If The 21st century speaker course doesnt delight you; if you dont feel that its filled with practical, usable information, and advice that you can begin using right away to start your own speaking business, just contact me within 30 days and I'll completely refund 100% of your purchase price.

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To become Professional speaker is easy,
Making Money, No longer has to be hard.

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